Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my first blog ever.  I have wanted to write and share so much of my life with everyone and I think this is a great way to begin.  I hope you find what I write interesting and thought provoking.  I think you will find that many things that I have been through in my life may be similar in ways to things you personally have also experienced.  In this blog you will read about my hometown in Italy and growing up in Hamilton, Ontario and the greater Toronto area. Interesting stories about religion, ex-wives, ex-in laws, a beautiful daughter that passed away almost nine years ago now. Stories about some of my dearest friends and interesting tales about business associates, ethical ones and some not.  You will hear about an industry that is corrupt, and those that want to make some changes.

Looking back on my life I can honestly say that I have been blessed. Even in my darkest moments, I somehow made it through and survived.  I know I did not believe that my life would ever be normal or get any better especially at that one precise moment I was going through hell, but it did.  Through some miracle, my life always took a turn and thinks got better over time. My resolve to continue and never give up on my hopes and my dreams has been tested many times.  Through my writings here, I will be able to share some of those moments with you and perhaps bring some hope to those walking on a similar path.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a start and hopefully you will be entertained through this process.

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