Challenge to Greatness

For the past four months I have subscribed to a program from the Bob Proctor organization called Six Minutes to Success.  Six Minutes to Success

Not long ago everything in my life changed … again… and I found myself in a place I thought I would never see again.  By meditating and some deep soul searching I came across information that truly inspired me and reminded me of the greatness we all have within us.  I started on this path October 15 2008 and my life has changed dramatically.   I make time for this every single day and it’s the first thing I do every single day.  You will not regret it. It really does work.

My goal is to eventually have groups meet to discuss their successes in local areas across the country.  I would like to host events here in the San Diego area.

I have never endorsed a program in the past and I believe and know that this will make a difference in your life and bring you the wealth we all desperately seek and are all deserving of.

Imagine having Bob Proctor coach you every day and inspire you to greatness.  In spite of setbacks and challenges, things have never looked brighter. 
I have so much to be thankful for and I want to share this with everyone.  Follow me on Twitter 
and join my network so we can all motivate each other and stand up to the negativity that surrounds us daily.

Our new President talks about change and yet the greatest change has to happen and start from within.  If we all start focusing on the good around us we can collectively make a difference in our own lives and the lives of every single person that we come into contact with.

I hope you accept this challenge to greatness and believe that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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