Change Network

So why am I doing all this?  Why do I blog on WordPress, tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook?  True, social networking has become the new thing of the day if not the new thing for this year and years to come.  Yes, I can stay in touch with my family through Facebook and also on Skype.  Great tools since we are literally spread out across this wonderful planet of ours.  But beyond all that I have an ulterior motive.  Perhaps a noble one and yet I feel as though I may be a little naïve as to whether I can accomplish this. 


My goal is to impact as many people in a positive way and inspire them to greatness.  We are all capable of so much and yet we all seem to fall short of our true potential.  I know I have had my ups and downs through my journey and yet I know that even though today I am in a much better place than I was years ago, I know I that I too am capable of much more and so I work at it each and every day.  I set the bar higher each time and once I know I can reach that new limit, I move it higher.  I do not do this alone.  I need help and so I work with others that support me and I also do what I can to support others in their quest.

So what is your goal?  Bob Proctor said that whatever you goal is double it.  If you know you can earn a certain amount per month than there really isn’t any challenge in reaching this goal.  What if you doubled or tripled that goal?  It may seem unattainable but what it … what if by working towards that goal you exceed your wildest expectations and surpass any previous goal you may have set or achieved. What if?  What a great feeling.  Many years ago, I never thought it was possible for me to earn the income I earn today. Now I can’t imagine my life not earning the same amount at the very least and so much more.  How far can you stretch your mind?

It’s not about money or power. It’s about being in a place that affords us the opportunity to be able to help others as we help ourselves. And get this; the economy has nothing to do with it.  Stop listening to the news and stop believing all the doom and gloom that’s broadcast through the many forms of media. Each one of us has the ability to make a difference and I want to share in that.  I hope through my words and my actions I can not only grow personally but I can be of service to you.  Share this with your friends and family and lets all bad together to create a better world for ourselves and for the future generations that will be here long after we are gone. 

I will post new and inspiring information on this blog as often as I can and keep it fresh so you too will enjoy reading it as I do in writing it.  And so there is the name, ChangeNetwork.   We live in a world of change, a new government based on change, and economy that has changed unlike anything we have seen before, change in the way and the speed of how we communicate, change in technology and so on.  I want to build the largest network of individuals committed to greatest change there is … change starting from within.

Join me…

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