STOP! Stop or you may regret it …

Coincidentally, (like are there really any coincidences?) as I was saying coincidently, I received my daily Kabbalah motivational message this morning and it just so happened to focus on apologizing.  I find this interesting because last week I had an email argument with my older sister.  I guess I must have had a challenging day because something she said in the email just set me off and I went into a tangent and laid into her.  Now this is not my style.  I am quite patient and always do my best to allow everyone their space to be, develop and grow at their own pace.  Well, to make a long story short, I debated about apologizing and so I let it go for a few days. 
Yesterday I received a call from her, we chatted for a while, and she then asked if I was upset over the exchange of emails.  I was fine.  We had a pleasant conversation and said good-bye and I realized I never took the opportunity to say I was sorry.  Some stubborn streak in me just didn’t want to let go.  And of course today I get the message in my inbox and voila` here I am writing about it and now making the decision to call her this afternoon and apologize for the exchange. 

The message in all this is clear … I have more work to complete on myself because I reacted and that is something I have been working on for a very long time to get rid of.  Perhaps today we can focus on not reacting to given situations. What may seem like a negative comment or gesture or some act from those around us will spur that feeling of reacting.  Stop! Stop for a split second and think of what you/I are about to say before saying it or doing something that we may later feel awful about almost immediately after.  

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