To Make A Choice … or Not

Years ago when I was a talk show host on radio I had the opportunity of interviewing some interesting folks.  The program focused on personal development and growth.  It was called Inner Power.  The program aired in South Florida and had a great listenership. It became my own therapeutic session with practitioners, authors and anyone I thought could help me deal with my own obstacles on this journey of mine or as some others would call it, deal with my issues.


Yes, I had issues. Some believe I still have a few issues however that discussion is up for debate. I had the privilege of interviewing people like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Barbara DeAngelis and many others. It was fun and allowed me to slowly come out of my shell as I became more outgoing all the while learning more about myself and more importantly why I was here.  One of the most fascinating interviews was with Dr. Michael Newton. He is known for writing Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.  I was so fascinated by his book Journey of Souls that I interviewed him on two separate occasions.  If you have a chance to read the book, I highly recommend it. 


Inner Power was all about discovery.  I was exploring and discovering more about who I was and understanding myself.  The cool thing about using radio as a medium to learn and grow personally was that I discovered that I wasn’t alone on my path.  Other people were dealing with similar issues.  We all seemed to have some form of mother and father issues, financial issues and most definitely relationship issues.  The path to self-discovery has always been a lot of work for me.  I use to wonder if it ever stopped or just got easier somehow.


The simple answer is NO.  A more in depth answer is that we always continue growing however it happens on many different levels.  Even when we throw our arms up and shout out, I’m done, that too is part of our growth.  Whether we acknowledge our current situation or not, that is part of our growth.  Moving forward or deciding to stop, that is part of our growth. 


You see our growth comes from hearing something as simple as a phrase from a total stranger that ultimately changes the course of how we do things.  Our growth comes from being in a relationship that pushes all our buttons and makes us face things we absolutely do not want to face or deal with.  We may feel like we’re stuck in jobs or relationships and facing challenges and situations that do nothing but frustrate us, that too is part of our journey and facing the situation or not is also part of the growth and the journey. 


You see no matter what we do, move forward or stay put, deal with things or not, all of it is part of the journey and our path.  I’ve discovered that we are exactly where we belong, no matter what we say and do.  What really matters and what really counts are the choices we make. We are gifted with the freedom and ability to make choices. The choice to make decisions that serves us.  Choice is all there is … (more to come)

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