Find Your Happy Thought …

think happy thoughtsIn almost all the books I’ve read on creating the life you want and manifesting your desires there has always been the same underlying message a common thread if you will; know what you want; be very specific; visualize having it and most important of all, feel the feeling of already having achieved or realized your desire.

Now I must say that all of the above are much easier said than done.  Knowing what you want is the first step.  This sounds easy, i.e. I want a new car. Well you could always end up with a car that has is falling apart because of the rust and perhaps has no engine. So this is where the second point comes in; be very specific.  So now it would look like this; What I really want is a brand new 2008 BMW 528i with beige leather interior, metallic grey paint, navigation system, Sirius Satellite radio and sixteen way power heated seats …  You get the point. Being very specific is crucial.  The Universe makes no distinction between any car and the car you want unless you can be very specific.

Of course it can be anything you want, I am just using the car as an example.

Ok, the next point, visualize already having realized this possession or goal.  In this case, see yourself driving the car. See yourself behind the wheel, the leather seats hugging you as you cruise along a freeway gripping the sport steering wheel.   You can almost feel cant you?

This leads us into the next part which is feel the feeling of having accomplished or realized your goal.  What would it feel like driving this brand new car, owning it and cruising down your favorite highway?

Here’s the caveat in all this.  If you cannot feel the feeling, that tingling sensation that goes up and down your spine and makes the hair on your skin rise, it will not happen.  Now this is not a negative thing, it just means it will take some practice.  You have to find that feeling that makes you smile, that brings you back to a time when you where ecstatically and blissfully happy.

In other words, find-your-happy-thought. Have you ever seen the movie Hook with Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook and Robin Williams as Peter Pan?  There was a scene where Pan could not fly (he forgot how) and the only way he could do this is by finding his happy thought.  Watch this attached video.  Watch how he transforms when he feels the joyful feeling and it permeates through his whole body.

So to manifest what you truly desire, you need to practice these steps daily. Remember, know exactly what you want, be very specific, visualize having achieved your goal and feel the feeling that goes with having reached the goal.

Wishing you all you desire and much success.

Frank Guzzo

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  1. Great Post. I’m always looking for new ways to practice and refine my own visualizations. This is the first month that I have spent at least one time a day visualizing what I want. Now, I am about to do another one and I am equipped with your new suggestions.



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