Lets change the odds

Kiss-Cancer-GoodbyeEvery year around this time (September 13) I write a blog memorializing the passing of my daughter Laura Maria Guzzo.  It has now been 11 years since she passed away due to a brain stem glioma.  It has taken me a very long time to reach a place, emotionally, where I can begin to share the experience with others.

I believe that what I have felt is most likely no different than what any other parent who loses a child must feel, no matter how it happens.  The fact is we hurt and we hurt in so many ways.  I’ve spoken of my pain and how it has affected me.  How Laura’s passing was a pivotal point in my life and how Laura changed my life and my views on life.  You can read some of my stories in the archives in this blog.

I have always been comforted by the kind words of those that shared their thoughts and feelings with me, especially those shared by others whom have experienced a similar loss.  This year I would like to start something that uses my experience in a way that can benefit others.

One of the things I experienced while watching my child go through her treatments was seeing other children in the hospital being treated for various forms of cancer.  I hope and pray that most of them survived, but I know in truth, that some must have passed away.  This is tragic in so many ways.  Children should not have to suffer … ever!

Cancer is a disease that has taken millions of lives over the years.  With all the amazing new clinical research, investigating both traditional allopathic and alternative medicine approaches, being conducted I truly believe that we are very close to finding a way to beat this dreaded disease once and for all.

Stand-Up-To-Cancer-Live-StreamTwo years ago I watched Stand Up 2 Cancer for the very first time but at that time I could only watch a few minutes of it.  It was just too painful to see the number of lives that cancer had claimed.  My daughter Laura is one of thousands of children who have passed away because of some form of cancer. This year on September 10, it will air in what is to be the largest concerted effort in the history of television to raise an unprecedented amount of money that will go directly to finding a cure for cancer.

This year I am asking that you … that we … all band together to make a difference and together Stand Up 2 Cancer.  For as little as one dollar you can contribute to this worthy cause.  I am using my own experience to transform my sorrow and pain into something more constructive that can help others.  I was blessed about a week ago to have met a wonderful lady who lost her daughter to cancer about two years ago. Denise Metzger Taylor shared her story of her special child Jonnae.  You can read Jonnae’s story here at We Get To.  It’s an inspiring story of how one child wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  I know there are countless others that have done and are doing the same thing.  We need to hear these stories.

These children are an inspiration to those of us that are here, alive to tell the stories of our experiences, and it’s through their courage that we can find the will, drive and determination to make a difference for everyone else who suffers in some way or is touched in some way by this disease.  It cannot be done alone.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is a great way to start and I am asking that you take a stand and make a difference. We are all in this fight together.  Chances are that you or someone you know will be diagnosed with a form of cancer.  Its time to change the odds.  Join me on September 10 as we make that difference. The program will air on every major network starting at 8 PM Eastern and Pacific, 7 CT.  See you there.

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