It will be fine ….

everything-will-be-okOften times in life we feel that we are working so hard at achieving some goal and no matter what we do things just don’t seem to go our way.  We see the end result clearly in our mind but for some reason things seem to keep pushing us in a different direction.  We get frustrated. We react to events happening around us because we are stressed that things aren’t going our way.  We continuously ask why? Why isn’t it working out?  I’m doing everything right.  I meditate. I do my best to serve others. I’m ethical and moral in everything I do and yet, I just can’t seem to make some headway in this project or goal.

To say it is a frustrating situation would be an understatement.  Let me say this though; You are not alone.  Everyone at some point or another and I do mean EVERYONE, and often times more than once will experience this type of situation.  What do we do in this circumstance?  It would be easy to just give up and find something else to do.

We look at those around us and see how successful they are and it seems like life just seems to flow so much easier for them.  We even know of a few people who ‘cheat’ at things and seem to do so much better than others.  Why is it that we are meant to suffer this way? Because it really does seem like we are suffering.

Remember some time ago that I blogged that “Not everything is at it seems”?  I applied this statement to how we view other people’s situations so that we wouldn’t be so quick to judge them.  This statement also applies to how we view our own frustrations in our own lives.  Think about that for a moment.  How many times have you looked back at what was a very frustrating situation and after everything worked out, you wonder why you ever got so frustrated and annoyed with yourself and life.  Even after the fact that things went in a completely different direction than you had originally ‘planned’.

We seem to forget that even though we feel we are alone at times (even though we may be surrounded by friends and family) and go through life struggling with things and that no one else could possibly understand or help us with, we forget that we are never alone.  I believe and know that in my life I have always had some form of Divine guidance.  As a matter of fact who knows where I would have ended up if I didn’t.

My choices in life may not have suited my family, but they worked for me.  I have had far too many frustrations to even want to start thinking of them.  What I do know is that even though I do forget at times … things always work out.  You see there is complete order in everything happening in our lives and in the Universe in general. We may not see it because it is far too big for us to comprehend at times, but it is there.  Knowing this can help us get through the frustrating and difficult challenges that we do face from time to time.

So remember this the next time you want to bang your head up against the wall because things are not going exactly as you want them to.  There is order in everything happening in our lives and although we may not see or understand why certain things happen, the Universe can say to us, “not everything is as it seems” because there is a Divine plan for us.  Taking steps and moving forward in some way is what really counts.  Whether we get closer to our goal or not almost become irrelevant.  We just need to move forward because somehow if we just stay focused on reaching our goal and not focus on ‘how’ we plan on getting there, well, just like all the other times in the past … things work out just fine.

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