E day

ELECTION-DAY-QUOTESYes, ‘E’ day. Very different from D-day but then based on what happens today it could always lead to D-day. Hope note, I’m being funny. Yes, today is election day again and although I cannot vote because of my status here in the USA, I can express my opinion. See it as the view from the outside or an outsider looking in.

I am not big on politics. It has been a rare moment in time when I felt that someone truly made a difference for this country. I remember watching the Reagan years while I was living in Canada. Like so many, I dreamed of coming to the ‘States’ to live the dream. Start a business and earn my fortune. It truly was viewed as the land of opportunity. I believed it.

When I finally made it here, over 15 years ago, it was a much different country than it is now. Things have changes so much over the years. And I do not believe they have changed for the better. We have become a Nation of Political Correctness that it is now become incorrect. I feel the US has lost its identity. And it did this by wanting to please every race, religious belief, language, faith and thought process of anyone living here legally or illegally.

Illegal immigrants have the same if not more rights than some Americans, perhaps more so than the homeless person living under an overpass, or a US Veteran who just came back from serving overseas. What happened to English being the first language of America? Land in Miami at MIA and the first language you hear for announcements is in Spanish. Really? I feel as though the US gave up what it really stood for and now is lost in own pile of dung.

And lets NOT talk about the unbelievable, uncontrolled government spending. How many more trillions will it take before Americans rise up and stop this insanity?

Is there anyone strong enough, courageous enough, knowledgeable enough, someone who has the balls and guts to stand up against the lobbyists and corrupt systems and make a change and bring America back to what it originally fought for? Equal rights for every American, not landed immigrant, illegal alien and any wanna be American. Equal opportunity for every American Citizen. Respectful of others beliefs but not obligated to change our ways to accommodate theirs.

I know it all sounds a bit outrageous, but it’s just a dream. Perhaps a lofty one at that. But then, I am in the USA … the land of dreams and so I am holding on to this one.

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