Is dark really dark?

What if ‘dark’ didn’t really exist? I’m not talking about daytime and nighttime. When we talk about dark times in our lives, what do we really mean and what are we really looking at? We see all the posts that talk about moving from darkness into light – I’ve posted a couple here.  What do they really mean for me, for you?slide.0341

What if the ‘darkness’ that we seem to encounter from time to time really isn’t dark at all but only our perception of that moment or event?

It’s hard to comprehend how anything that is viewed as ugly such as a death regardless of how it occurred can be viewed as anything but a dark moment.

Here are my thoughts;

We all agree that we are here to learn lessons and to grow. We also know that those lessons can be challenging and sometimes downright hard or impossible to face.   How do I deal with the death of a child? What can we learn from that? How do we deal with a natural disaster where people die sometime numbering into the thousands? How do we deal with losing everything due to economic downturns and find ourselves not being able to provide the simplest necessitates in life? These are dark moments not only by those watching or hearing about it but more so for those experiencing the effects live, living it in that moment.

If we are all truly here to learn through these types of experiences then would it not stand to reason that we are viewing these events through shaded or perhaps jaded glasses? Lessons originate from the Light. The Universe knows what we need to learn and what our lessons are on this journey of ours. If this is in fact true, then lessons regardless of what they seem, look or feel like are in fact Light being viewed as darkness.

Ridiculous I know. But think about this. How does a parent deal with the loss of an only child? It’s not until we step back and see the full impact that this child’s passing had on thousands of people they knew that we can we really begin to see the impact of their passing. Their passing brought people together. Made them realize (most, not all) that life is short and we need to live to the fullest extent and so much more.

What about a natural disaster that tears apart the fabric of a family or city? Look at what happens after a natural disaster. It unites people from all walks of life. Love is expressed to its fullest extent. We step up as humans and show what we are truly made of and the whole experience changes us.aristotleonassis119068

Now I know this doesn’t happen in every single situation and every individual experiences things differently. I will suggest that if it doesn’t happen immediately the experience will catch up with us eventually.

So perhaps we need to look at darkness from a different perspective. We can view it as Light that is leading us down a path that will propel us into living a fuller and richer life. It will never discount the loss we feel when tragedy strikes or the effects of any negative situation. It will however help lift us up knowing that this dark moment is really the Light guiding us into living a better life.

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