Just One

oneJust one? Just one what? Just one question will be asked of you. When? Where? Why? Hang on … lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Let me take a step back and then share with you the answers to these questions … I think it’ll all make sense … at least I hope it will.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Maybe because my birthday is coming up again. Damned birthday. Seems to creep up on me every year and every year I find myself wondering … and then asking that one question. Yes, yes I k now. I’ll share that with you in a bit. So yes, I’ve been wondering and thinking and here it is. I feel as though I am living with a regrets. I know I always say live a life without regrets. Do all you can, be the best you can be now while you can … yada yada yada (yes those are real words by the way, look them up in the urban dictionary) but its not only me that says this. Every motivational speaker/teacher/mentor says the same thing.

You are meant for greatness! …

You can do anything you set your mind to …

You are powerful beyond imagination …

But how do I do what I “feel” I want to do and scrap doing what I am doing and still live the life of richness I so desire or we all desire. There’s the rub. I do my best every day. Some days more than others. I do believe I have been blessed in so many ways and I am grateful for all I have and where I am but I still want more. I desire more. I am driven for more. The regret? That I did not start sooner and ask questions sooner and do something about it.

My passion or better yet, one of my many passions is writing. I enjoy it. It’s a release. I actually love it. I certainly am not doing enough of it. I know I have one if not more books inside me that need to be released. So why haven’t I done this yet? What am I waiting for? This is where the question that motivates me comes into play.

There are many questions I believe we will be asked of our lives when that time comes. And that ‘time’ will come for everyone. I think one of these questions though will trump all others as it will have made the difference and made you carve a path in your life that you had not imagined or envisioned growing up. That question is – Have I made a difference? I am not referring to making a difference in our children’s lives or parents although those are very important because I also believe they are also our responsibilities. I am referring to making a difference in the lives of those we do not know. The ones that need it the most. Those that are unable to do what is needed in their lives to move forward. That need a word of encouragement. A helping hand. A shoulder to lean or cry on. Or even something as simple as a smile.  I cannot judge anyone for what they do or do not do. I can only look at my life and decide if I am making a difference.

I know I have made a difference to some extent and I also know and believe that I have so much more I can do. That is my regret and is also what drives me and pushes me when I listen to the voice deep inside me and that is why I know I need to make changes now so that the regret swings to the opposite side of the pendulum and creates more joy in my life than ever imagined all while I drive myself to making a difference to those unseen and unknown.

So there you have it. The one question, just one, that I believe you need to ask yourself daily … at the end of every day as you lay down to rest … just before you drift off into another land … “Have I made a difference today?”  So when that ‘time’ comes we can answer without a doubt … Yes!

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