Reach your maximum potential … Not!

we cantReach your maximum or fullest potential.

Authors, coaches, motivational speakers, guru’s all talk about reaching the height of your maximum potential. Are these misleading statements? Can we truly achieve what is referred to as our maximum potential? If we did, what would that look like?

You may probably disagree with me, but hear me out. I don’t think you can ever hit it!  Yes, you read this correctly. I said you will probably NEVER hit your MAXIMUM potential. I know it sounds like a ridiculous statement but lets look at this a little closer.

When coaches and authors talk about “growing to reach your maximum potential” are they feeding you a bunch of bunk?

I’m absolutely positive that if you ask any of them, they would all reply with a resounding NO!

I believe that statement is contradictory to what everyone teaches. Here’s why:

We are all here to learn lessons and grow.  We are all here to learn how to love unconditionally, to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of those we come in contact with. By now we also know that this is not an easy task. We grow, we fall, we fail, we get hurt and we stumble and hopefully we get up and keep going.

We never stop.

Even those that have reached what seems to be the pinnacle of success continue growing and learning, changing and improving on themselves. They NEVER STOP. That is the key. It may sound exhausting but it truly isn’t. When we are aligned with our true life’s purpose we never seem to view what we do as an arduous task.

Simply because I am successful at what I do to earn an income and everything I do seems to work out in business, does that mean I have reached my maximum potential?  Absolutely not!  I am always learning something new.  I align myself with those that know more than I do and I learn and that gives me the ability to stretch myself and experience new things that I can then share with others in an effort to help them on their path.

What about my personal life? Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I have a lot to learn about relationships.  But that is my path and even at my age, I am constantly learning and evolving. I may one day be in a place where I can say I have been successful in my relationship but that does not mean I stop learning and finding new ways to make my relationship stronger, healthier, more intimate and longer lasting.

Here’s the thing, if in fact I did achieve my maximum potential in this lifetime, would that make me super human? Would I have powers that others do not possess? Would I be so complete (maximum potential) I would be perfect in all I do?  Seriously …

We are all human and as humans we are all gifted with the same abilities. I know it’s all a play on words, and maybe that is the final point.

We all have the ability to do great things and achieve greatness in this lifetime.

Which then begs the question; as humans are we limited in our ability for growth?  Can we only go so far and then stop?  What would be the point?  Life is an ever growing and ever changing landscape full of experiences that allow us to continue growing and maturing … Learning and expressing ourselves in newfound ways that can only come from continued growth.  So yes, we can be great in this lifetime.

And by the way, I have a great deal of respect for many of these authors and thought leaders.  To this day I continue learning from many of them.  Just remember this one key point:  We can be very successful in all aspects of our lives.  But, (BUT – acronym – Behold Underlying Truth) we will ALWAYS continue growing and evolving.

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