Angels among us


You may or may not believe in Angels or that they walk among us and help us in times of need. I on the other hand, do. You may not recognize that they have intervened at times but if we look back at certain events and how things unfolded we may see what we call coincidences or perhaps some random choice we make for no apparent reason or maybe even a miracle … maybe just maybe we can see how they had a hand in helping us in a moment of need.

Think of a time when you were running late for an appointment and you’re desperately trying to rush out the door. Things keep happening to delay you. A phone call. A text message. Stubbing your toe on the bed. Random events that cannot be explained or so insignificant we dismiss them. All to find out that once you are on the road a serious accident occurred and had you left earlier as you had planned, it could have been you in that accident but the delay probably saved your life.

On 9/11 there were countless stories of people that were delayed on that fateful morning and were not able to get to work. Issues with schedules. Missed appointments. Random unexpected meetings that created delays. All of which we would normally dismiss because we aren’t paying particular attention to them. And yet if we step back you will see that something greater is at play.

My friend Michael’s wife who kept an office in the building next to the twin towers was scheduled to be at her desk and when she woke that morning she ‘randomly’ decided to work from home. Coincidence? You can read some of the stories here: Small choices, saved lives: Near misses of 9/11 & 10 Famous People Who Avoided Death on 9/11

There are countless others like these and real life accounts as far back as the Titanic. But not all experiences involve escaping death. Here’s a personal story: My mom and dad had gone to Milan for my dad’s surgery. Now understand that my parents rarely ever leave their hometown in Southern Italy and my mother has always been dependent on my father to get around. Now place them in a city like Milan and then throw a subway system into the picture. My parents had just left the hospital and were going back to the hotel where they were staying. The subway in Milan is no different than the subway in NY City in that there are hundreds of people trying to get on the train at the same time. Somehow my dad was caught up in the crowd and got pushed on to the train and my mom got left behind.

When the train left she screamed and started crying because she did not know what to do. She was alone and lost. As she stood there helplessly she felt the hand of a young women on her shoulder who asked: Are you ok? How can I help? My mother explained what had just happened and the woman in a very calm voice said: “Don’t worry. Your husband is getting off at the next station and coming back for you and will be here shortly. I will wait here with you until he returns.”

This stranger calmed my mother down and they waited together. Within minutes the subway coming in the opposite direction arrived and once it left, there stood my dad who had returned to get my mother. When my mother turned around to thank the young lady, she was gone. Was this some random stranger who was just very giving? Perhaps. Was it divine intervention? You may not think so but I believe it was … it was an Angel who calmed my mother and told her exactly how things were going to unfold.

I’m sure you can think of similar stories if you just sit back and pay attention to the events that unfold around you. Regardless of how you feel about these mysterious occurrences and random acts, sometimes there is no explanation for them and why they happen. They supersede logic. But what if … what if Angels truly do walk among us? WOW! What a feeling, knowing that no matter what happens we will be taken care of.

Angels walk among us. We may not recognize them or see them but they protect us and show up in the most unusual ways. Watch for them and see them in action. Miracles do happen … believe

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