7 tips to help you power through the day

think-positiveHave you ever had those days when you wake up and feel refreshed and alive? Before you even step out of bed you already have a sense that it is going to be a great day. You know you have a busy day but can feel that everything is going to click from the time you step out of bed. Its dark outside but somehow the sun is already shining for you.

As you make your way through the early morning hours you find that you are more focused than usual. On target and on point. In spite of the busy schedule you make time for the juicing, drinking water, some form of exercise, and other morning routines that make you feel good. Decisions come easily and quickly. Phone calls are quick and results happen. By 11 AM you feel like you’ve put in a full day because you have been so on point.

What is different from this day for example and say another day where you have the complete opposite happen? Why do we experience days where you wake up and not feel motivated to open your eyes … no matter what you do you feel groggy … perhaps stub your toe, burn your tongue on hot coffee or tea. Calls and meetings seem to drag on with no point. You are irritable. All you really want to do is go back to bed or escape and do anything but work.

You get the point.

In spite of all we do to stay motivated why do we encounter days when things just doing seem to click?

positive_thinking1Here is what I know works for me and what I do (most days.) I’d like to say that I do these things every day but I too get tired at times and really just don’t want to do some things. I am human. What I do know is that when I practice these steps, everything in my day seems to flow much easier and effortlessly.

  1. As soon as you wake/open you eyes, offer up a short prayer of gratitude. List out in your mind all you are grateful for. When I say pray it can be in the form of meditating or praying to a Higher Power you believe in. But no matter what, be thankful for your day and your life and where you are.
  2. Start the day by reading something positive. Verses from an inspiring book or a couple of chapters from an inspiring writer. Journal your thoughts.
  3. Mediate for at least 10 minutes when starting your day. Longer is better but this gets your mind in the right place while centering and grounding you.IMG_6359
  4. Place positive messages strategically in your home and work environment. I have my dream board where I can see it every single day. In my bedroom. No matter what I do, I will see this several times during the day. I also wrote on my bathroom mirror a simple message of gratitude that I recite every single time I go into the bathroom especially in the AM and PM.   I borrowed this one from the late Wayne Dyer.  I have subliminal messages that I customized for myself and they flash on my computer screen while I work. Messages like, I am great; I am wise; I am love, I AM … and more.
  5. Power through for 90 minutes at a time with no interruptions. Complete a task or several tasks in 90 minutes then reward yourself with a break. Walk away from your office and if you can, go outside and stand in the sun and just feel yourself being revitalizing.
  6. At the end of your day shut down your electronics; your phone and computer should be turned off by 9 PM. There is new research indicating that we build toxins in our brain by looking at our phones before we go to sleep. This is also counter productive to falling asleep
  7. End your day by reading something positive before going to sleep. Write out everything you are grateful for in this day and be thankful. (Journal) Yes, we do this at least twice a day

There are so many more things we can do but the key is to find ways to keep a positive attitude. There isn’t one magical formula … there are simply things we can do daily to develop a positive attitude and change the way we approach our day.

Happy and more productive days are ahead.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

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