KNOW … it will be a great year!

2016The end of the year has always been a time of reflection.  A time when I can look back through this past year and see all that I have accomplished.  My hits, my misses my near-hits and near-misses.   Lately though I found myself searching for a renewed sense of spirituality so I’ve been scouring though anything and everything that can inspire me and remind me that tapping into my inner-self is the only way to look at my life so that I can look to the future confidently.

What I always see and am reminded of often is that I live a blessed life.  Its not about the money as there is always enough.  Its not about the possessions as there are always more one can buy. Its about (and always has been) about the people and the lives that I have touched and those that have made a difference in mine.

Most of what I see looking back I already knew but at times failed to see it while I was in the moment.  Steven Covey in his latest book Primary Greatness says “We live too much out of our memories, too little out of our imagination – too much on what is or has been, not enough on what can be.  That’s like trying to drive forward by looking in the rearview mirror” How true is this statement.  It is so easy to fall into this trap.  I know because I’ve done this.  It happens …

My year has been transformative in part because I started practicing (again) what I’ve known works all along.

Meditating more and focusing on what I want


Acting as if…  (I already have it)

Declarations to the Universe…

I AM…  (two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary)

Dream-boarding …

Believing in the process of focusing on what I want in life and not getting bogged down by how it will happen.

Jim Carry in a famous commencement speech spoke about believing in your dreams but also going one step beyond this and having faith. The faith he talks about is an unshakable faith that what you want in life will manifest.  It’s a great speech that will most definitely inspire.

I say we can go one step beyond this.  Believing and having faith are of paramount importance and yet KNOWING – KNOWING that no matter what happens, what you truly want will come to pass. Wayne Dyer talks about “a knowing” of what your life will be like.  In his book I Can See Clearly Now, he states “I had an immediate and almost overpowering sensation within me that I had actually created my own future by having such a strong knowing …” There is no wavering when you know that something will happen.  You can almost feel it because it is so real.

I am living proof that we can have everything or anything we want, we just have to be prepared to let go of the fears that hold us back and live.

Live in the now.  Know that the Universe will always take care of you even when it seems like you might have been abandoned.  We all matter. 2016 can and will be a great year.  Yes, challenges will be there but they are there to help us and push us and allow us to experience things that we may not have experienced and understood before.  The key is to stay focused, be present by living in the moment and continue moving forward.

Captain Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, probably said it best:  “Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because they’ll never come again.  What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived …”

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