2 words to live by


What if I could share two words with you that can make a real difference in your life? What if by using these two words in our thought process we discover that it can change everything?  Don’t like the way some things are going with work?  Change them.  Don’t like the way a relationship is moving forward? Do something different.  I’m not advocating quitting our jobs or breaking up or getting a divorce.  What I am stating, pure and simply is, make different choices.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Ever get caught up in that conundrum?

“The only thing that is constant is change” Heraclitus

One of the things I’ve spoken of in the past is that we must be constantly changing or we became stagnant and therefore anything stagnant will die.  So if this is true then why do we insist on doing the same things over and over again and then complain that we are not happy?

But how you say??

WHAT IF … What if all we had to do is make one simple – different – choice?

Do something different!  What if it works?

Unhappy in a relationship?  What if you spice it up by planning a special night away from home.   Or test your cooking skills and surprise your partner with a candle lit meal … something you haven’t made in ages or probably ever made before.  Or it can be something as simple as just bringing home some flowers or a romantic card left on the pillow to be seen before going to sleep letting them know they are loved and appreciated.

What if that is all it takes to turn a new corner and put you on a newer and better path?

The point is do something other than what you have done in the past.  WHAT IF it works?

Some of you are going to say “what if it doesn’t work?”  So what?  What have you lost?  You may learn something new along the way and most likely feel better about yourself for even having made the effort.  What if …

Unhappy at work?  WHAT IF … What if you suggest the changes you would like to see or share some new and creative marketing ideas at your next management meeting?  Before doing so, make sure you have a well laid out plan on how to execute the idea(s) so that its clearly understood by everyone.  Or maybe get a few people to buy into the ideas ahead of the meeting so you have some moral support when presenting.  What if senior management like your ideas?  What a concept.  What if they like it but decide to implement in steps or later on or not at all?  So what?  You are being heard.  You are being proactive.  You are being productive.  You are participating in the growth of the business. You now bring more value to the table.

What if they don’t like your ideas?  Again, who cares?  The point is you are seen as someone who wants to make things better.  Someone who wants to make a difference.  You will be surprised how seeds can take root, if not today somewhere down the road.

What if this is all it takes for a promotion or a pay raise or both?  What if … You get the idea.

These two magical words ‘What if’ leaves so many possibilities open to us.  WHAT IF we apply this philosophy to everything we do in life that we want to change?  What if we start to make positive things happen in our lives simply because we decided to do something different?

What if this really works?  Imagine the results.

What if it doesn’t?  Are you really going to test that?  Let me know how living with that train of thought works out for you.  I know I’m being a bit harsh, but its time we start putting forth more effort into creating change. Change for our-selves, change for our-families … change for our-planet.

WHAT IF … this really works?  WHAT IF?


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