The way out

shutterstock_581985622Ever have this happen?  You’re online searching for a book and as you search for one book you come across another and as you read reviews on this book you come across another and before you know it you end up with three or four new books to read.  I am a bit old school (and not because of my age) as I still enjoy an actual book in my hands to read. Something I can highlight and earmark for reference.

The Way Out was interesting. What I can say about this book up front is we need an open mind when reading through these pages.  I believe there is something positive everyone can take away from any book and this book is no different.

I’m not sure why I chose this book as what to write about or share with you but you can come to your own conclusions I suppose.

The Way Out

In the opening, it states: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” In the chapter The Law, it reads “Whatever you think and hold in consciousness as being so, out-manifests itself in your body or affairs.”  These sound like words straight from Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.  They were all written around the same era but my point is, the message is timeless.  It is the same message being given to us for centuries and perhaps millennia.

The famous Sermon on the Mount: “Take no thought (or be not anxious) saying, what shall we eat, or what shall we drink, or what shall we be clothed with; for your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. But seek first the Kingdom (Consciousness) of God, and His righteousness (Right Ideas); and all these things will be added unto you.”

The parenthesis was added as his interpretation of that verse.  Reflect for a moment on what is being said here.  ‘Be not anxious about for the things we work so hard to attain.’  Seek the Consciousness of God and think like God thinks and we can have all we want.  What does it mean to think like God? How can we not be anxious for the things we need most?  The book does a great job in providing some answers to these basic questions.

In the chapter A Simple Law, it states: “It is all a matter of trusting, dear friend, of trusting the God within you.  If you have failed in the past, no matter how hard you tried, it is because you did not trust enough” and “The only thing that prevents your good from coming into natural and continuous expression is your lack of real faith and trust in the God within you…”

Growing up studying the bible I recall a verse in Genesis that says ‘God created man in his own image.’  I have always believed this verse to mean that we possess the same qualities that exist within God the Creator. If this is true, then what was quoted in the paragraphs above is also true.

This isn’t about believing in some religion or religious group.  This is about searching deep within myself, within yourself to find answers.  To know what it takes to manifest what we desire.  Everything we are taught from the early days of Napoleon Hill through to Rhonda Byrne in The Secret and everything in between are messages that have been given to us hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

Our road map exists.  How we have gone about interpreting the map and living out our journey has been a personal choice.  There is no judgement in that.  God is the Universe and the Universe is God.  Gods energy is present in everything we do.  We only need to ask for what we want and be clear on what we want and we can and shall have it. The difference being that we must believe deeply and KNOW that we can have it.  Knowing changes everything.

All of this ties into what I wrote not long ago in God or Universe? And most of my recent blogs.  I guess I am in that space that begs the questions of my life.  Am I making a difference?  Am I helping others through my work.  What am I doing to make a difference?  Questions I seek answers for and through this search am being guided towards making those changes and being that person.  My journey … my life …

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