What do you want?

shutterstock_527601148.jpgWe’ve heard this question thousands of times through our lives.  From our parents, siblings, friends, children, lovers, partners … what do you want?  It’s a pretty standard question yet the answer is so significant and yet we underestimate what this one simple question can do for us.

When we look at our lives and see that we haven’t yet reached some of our goals, or don’t live in the home we had longed for or drive the car with dream of or have the bank account just as we’ve always wanted, part of the reason is because we do not have clarity in what we want.

You may disagree and affirm “I know what I want!!” or in caps “I KNOW WHAT I WANT!!”  But do you really?

So let me ask you, “What do you want?

A new car?  Great. What kind of car? What make/ model? Color? Engine size? Interior colors? Leather? Cloth? Sunroof? 2 door, 4 door?

Do you see where I’m going with this?  We need absolute clarity when asking God or the Universe to give us what we want.  We have been given the power to direct and orchestrate our life to be exactly how we want it to be.  All we have to do is ask.

If all I ask for is a new car, then we could end up 1978 Dodge Omni with 250,000 miles.  Its considered a new car for you even though it may be old and used.  (I actually Googled the worst car ever rated).

You see, the Universe does not interpret what you say. It tales things at face value. If you ask for a car you’ll get you a car.  The difference between asking for a new car (in general terms) and asking for a new car this way

I want a 2017 BMW X5 Diesel, twin Turbo inline six, AWD with the M sport package.  Black metallic exterior with 19 inch custom rims and a black leather interior with GPS, XM radio and smart phone integration.  An extra row of seats in the back and a sunroof and built in video monitors in the back seats.

I can smell the leather as I describe this car.  I can see it in my mind’s eye.  It is so real for me.  I can see every detail of what this car looks like.  And this is what the Universe/God will deliver.

Most of us all acknowledge we want some things.  What we lack is the clarity, the specificity of what exactly we want.  And if you want to go even deeper find the why. Why do you want this particular thing?  What will it help you accomplish?  Why do you need it?  Why? The why will solidify everything for you and make it happen.

You want money? Who doesn’t! How much money would you like? What will the money be used for?  Here is the why.  Think of the end result.  If you want to be debt free then this is what you want.  The money will be the means to helping you became debt free.  If you are buying a house then that is what you want.  The deposit is the means to getting the home.  Again, specifics are very important.  Being clear on the message.

It may seem like a lot of work but it isn’t.  It’s a great exercise to go through any time you are setting a specific goal or want to accomplish anything.  Be specific.  See it clearly as done and complete in your mind’s eye.  See yourself owning it.  Make it as real as possible.  Go to the dealership and sit in the car you want and see yourself driving away with it.  Walk into some of the most expensive hotels you can find and sit in the lobby and see yourself being able to stay there and afford that lifestyle.   Visualize it. Feel it.  Dream it and believe it.

What have you got to lose?

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. – Albert Einstein

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