This sucks … that’s life

grumpySometimes life really sucks. We can read all the motivational and inspiring books and listen to podcasts all day long but the reality is, sometimes life just deals you/us/me a hand that really fucking sucks.

When I find myself in that situation, I keep thinking that I have to stay positive and upbeat and not let things get me down. I keep thinking that if I don’t watch how I phrase my words or mind my thoughts, I will perpetuate the problem which leads to more frustrations with myself and the situation.

Why can’t I just call it what it is?  I’m not asking God or the Universe to give me more of the stuff.  I’m just acknowledging that I’m in a shitty situation.  And sometimes dear friends, that’s ok. Yes, it’s ok to feel what ‘sucking’ feels like. Its ok to wallow in the situation and feel the emotions that go with it.  Its ok to see that life isn’t perfect and, in that imperfection, we get to see how human we really are.

I don’t think we’d be normal if we tried to stuff the feelings and emotions that go along with a challenge that beats us to the ground.  I believe we do more harm if we stuff those feelings and emotions.  So we need to find a way to allow those feelings to surface and release them.

That could involve screaming at the top of our voices.  Taking our frustrations out on a punching bag, running, climbing … something that will burn energy because right now we have a butt load of it.  You want to curse? Go for it. You are allowed. Want to question God? Go for it. You wouldn’t be the first.  You want to blame someone else (temporarily) for the shithole you’re in? Go for it. Although you may want to reconsider this one especially if the person being blamed is with you and they happen to be your significant other. Just a word of caution there.

Now, I am not a psychiatrist, so please take this advice lightly and with a grain of salt. I’m expressing my own opinions here (that was my disclaimer) based on personal experiences.

I know how good it feels when I release my frustrations by screaming, shouting or even blaming.  I also know that once I have done that, my situation most likely will not have changed.  What I do know is that I feel better and am able to look at where I am objectively and start to examine how I got here and why I may be here to begin with.

Stop beating yourself up for not being positive 100% of the time and acting properly every second of the day because that is the ‘enlightened way.’ That’s not life. That’s not real. Life is messy and sloppy at times. I would question the authenticity of anyone who tells you they live that way all day, every day.  They are a ticking time bomb.  You do not want to be around when they blow a gasket.

Be real. Be kind to yourself (and those around you) and know that whatever the situation, it will work out, but for now, you have your few moments of darkness to contend with and then get on with the task of correcting the problem or challenge.



That’s life.

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