life is an echo

Quotefancy-121415-3840x2160.jpgSome time ago, someone said these words to me: “Life is an echo”. I looked it up to see if there was some poster or billboard and who’d actually spoke these words before and created some Pinterest post.  Sure enough, it was Zig Ziglar. There are a lot of variations to this quote and some originate from the bible.  What you sow you reap, what you give you get … etc. You get the picture.

Not sure how I started down this path today, but the more I thought about it I realized that quote didn’t have to reference a long period of time as in seasons, like when farmers sow they will eventually reap what they sow months and sometimes years later. It could also be something fairly quick as in one day. Or in some instances, immediately.

If we take the analogy of the farmer who cares for the soil and maintains it by weeding it, tilling it, purifying it as best as he can before he plants his seeds, we can easily apply this to one day in our life or to a lifetime of days.

I want to be more in the moment so I am looking for immediate or same-day results.  Almost similar to the environment we live in of instant gratification.
Well, it is possible.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I stopped journaling after almost a year of daily journaling.  Part of that journaling was writing in my gratitude journal every day.  Just because I stopped didn’t mean I wasn’t grateful any longer.  I realized this morning as I stood face forward into the sun that I was eternally grateful for so many things.  And as one thought led to another, I also realized that since I had stopped journaling some of the luster in my life has been missing.

So to loop this into what I was saying above about reaping what you sow, the results of meditating and journaling, and having conversations with God first thing in the morning proved to provide beneficial results that same day. And every day led to another which eventually lead to a lifetime of days full of gratitude, love, and blessings.

So yes, life is an echo and yes, the karmic effect is real. Do good and it comes back to you. Do not so good things and that too will eventually catch up.  And this applies to how we treat ourselves as well.  Be kind and gentle to us as individuals.  Start the day with a heart full of gratitude and feeling the effects of that small echo expand like the ripples of a stone in a pond.

75207_10152155477946322_867344107_n.jpgI am not writing about anything new here. Countless books, blogs, and podcasts are out there stating the obvious, yet here I am experiencing it myself and awakening to that realization (again). So maybe, just maybe, just as others have tried and not gotten through, perhaps sharing this will help one individual. Life is good. Life can be grand.

Life is an echo…

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