my holiday wish …

Every year presents its challenges and 2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging in modern times.  Covid-19 changed our lives whether we agreed to it or not. Directly or indirectly, we felt its impact. From wearing masks to social distancing, to travel bans, to not being able to visit loved ones in hospitals, it tore at the fabric of who we are as humans.

We experienced loss on many levels. Whether through the loss of a family member, friend, acquaintance, or through someone close to us.  Businesses have lost. Some have closed permanently.  Families have been kept apart. I miss my family incredibly and just knowing that I cannot visit hurts inside. Yes, it’s been a tragic year to some extent.

Yet through tragedy, we discover our resilience, our strength. We come together as brothers and sisters, all part of the same family to help each other. Although this isn’t the focus of most media outlets, it should be the stories we hear of. Bravery, courage, determination are qualities that exemplify who we are at the core.

Growing up, we always had weekends to spend with our families. When the first lockdown happened and retailers closed during the weekend, it felt good knowing that everyone, had a day of rest and was able to spend quality time with friends and family. Isn’t this what’s important in life?

Yes, we’ve changed the way we do things, and we will have to continue adjusting and coping. We all need to take time over the next week to reflect on what’s important to each of us and to focus on the good that comes from hardship.  There is always a silver lining, we just have to look for it as it may be hidden in between the lines of our lives.

So to paraphrase something I wrote (and slightly modified) a few years ago here is my Holiday Wish for you:

I wish that you experience a life blessed with love. True friendships that seem to transcend time. Happiness that allows you to forget the sorrows of the past. To know and feel unconditional forgiveness, as this is the most liberating thing we can give to release the past.

I wish you can experience the closeness of family and friends that will always love you unconditionally, regardless of circumstances, status, beliefs, wealth, or health.  To realize what it’s like to live a life knowing that God is (“I AM”) and will always be there to support each and every one of us, unconditionally, unreservedly.

I also wish we could take the time to recognize we are all equal regardless of gender, ethnicity, status, beliefs … all of us … equal. We all walk this finite path in different ways, but we all end up in the same place. So, give freely even when it seems like you have nothing left to give. Think of your fellow human ahead of yourself.

I wish that the pain caused by the loss of loved ones is overshadowed by the joy they brought into our lives. That those closest to us that are hurting can overcome their pain and suffering through the love shared by us all, collectively, supporting and loving them.

Yes, 2021 will be a New Year indeed in many ways. Change is a natural part of living.

Let’s embrace it. Love it and more importantly, love each other.

Wishes of Love, Blessings, and Prosperity to each and every one …  

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