Who is Francesco?

IMG_6407UPDATED May 9, 2021
We all know someone called Francesco (formerly known as Frank. I once wrote that I, Francesco, am different.  The truth is I’m not. I’m just like you.  What I mean is, like you, I’m looking for my place in this world.  I am searching for the meaning in what I do every day.  Yes, I’ve experienced things most have not.  Losing my only child, destitute with the loss of my company, broken relationships, and now the loss of my mother.  What I’ve realized through all my experiences is that we are resilient beings.  We can be beaten down in many ways and yet from the ground or ashes we pick ourselves up and press forward. In essence like the symbolic Phoenix, we can be reborn and come back stronger.

We fight for what we believe.  We hold strong to our values.  And eventually, we figure out a few things along the way that make our life easier and more satisfying. We start to understand what’s important and what brings meaning to life.

We all experience things that make us who we are and it’s through the sharing of these experiences that we can teach each other and help one another grow. At 60 I feel like I have so much more to learn.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve made little progress especially in the arena of relationships.

Life always has a way of working out and I hope that through my words in this journey, through my fumbling through this life, in my miss-takes and re-takes and writing about all this, that I can somehow inspire you to greater things. More than anything, more than believing, KNOW that you are now and always will be okay.

I recently felt a drawing closer or calling to my roots. In this, I have realized that I am longing for my birth name, Francesco. It was MY name at birth and it distinguishes me and provides the uniqueness of me. I have started using my name and although awkward at times, it feels good.  Thank you for reading and hanging out in my blog … more to come.

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  1. What a heart felt blog – the writings stir my soul. Thank you for sharing the memory of your beautiful daughter with the world, and reminding us all to truly live our live each day — being passionate about the things that matter most to us in life. I also enjoyed the peek into your Italian ancestory – your parents and their friends laying cards made me smile as I reflected on my own family (some still with us, some having passed on some time ago but always in our hearts) sitting around the table playing cards.

    You have a gift for inspiring others and sharing your heart & soul through your writing. Thank you.

    My best to you and your wife — enjoy life’s future journey!

    Deborah Guerin

    — found your blog through our Twitter connection


  2. Hey Frank,

    I was reading your Blog about Laura. I to think alot about her. I could just imagine what she would be like today.

    A couple of months ago I saw her best friend Letizia! And the first thing that was on my mind was Laura. We talked and talked about her. It was good to see her, she is now married if you didnt know that.

    Laura will never be forgotten…she is a special girl, and I do believe that one day we will see her again.


  3. Hi Frank:

    I really have enjoyed reading yor blog. Tried to find your card from the show in Las Vegas to emai you.

    Hope you’re doing well.